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Shabby chic shop: Choosing mix-and-match display items

Shabby chic shop: Choosing mix-and-match display items

Shabby chic, you say? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Sure is, but one with a sense of style like you wouldn’t believe.

To make your store’s physical space trendy to the max, try mixing time periods, materials and designs for shabby chic perfection.

What is shabby chic?
As one could presume from the name, shabby chic is the combination of two styles – antique and distressed plus trendy and sleek. There is a mix-and-match effect that defines the look, and you can bring it to life in your retail store. According to interior design blog 1Kindesign, the movement relies on the fusion of crisp and vintage. stated that the trend has actually always been part of European culture, especially with royalty. Although the nobility could easily afford new and shiny objects, there is something sophisticated about holding on to well-loved pieces of decor that hold family history.

Some popular items that you will see in shabby chic settings are distressed furniture, vintage fabrics and handmade knick-knacks. recommended looking for objects that seem timeless rather than precious. While many stores sell pre-distressed furniture and fixtures, finding naturally worn furniture and decor at a flea market is a fun way to dress your store up.

How can you incorporate it?
If you want to give your store a new look, one that is both old-fashion and relevant, you need to mix and match the various pieces of furniture, decorations and display fixtures.

  • Fading fabrics: Like 1Kindesign said, think about textiles you would find in your grandma’s attic when you’re choosing fabric for a shabby chic space. Materials like denim, burlap, velvet and silk would work great. For example, use a set of three baskets with burlap liner to organize smaller sale items.
  • Hanging out: For an easy addition to an already good-looking store, scout out an interesting chandelier. It will give the space a new source of light and an air of majesty. You don’t even have to go as large scale to bring a hint of dangling shabbiness. Check out a cream distressed hook set for hanging decorations and merchandise around your store.
  • Turning tables: Instead of the tables you currently use to arrange merchandise, consider refinishing an old kitchen or dining room table for the purpose. White-washed wood is a popular shabby chic addition that is easy to do yourself with any furniture. Once your products are moved to the antique table, highlight a more modern and sleek store fixture to strike the balance. Alternatively, you can add a boutique display fixture to the store if do-it-yourself projects aren’t your thing.
  • Gaudy goodness: There’s something to be said for a statement piece that’s so kitschy, it kills. Like with fashion, a bold accent or accessory can boost the appearance of a room. Consider framing pricing signs with antique, ornate and garish picture frames. You can use similar frames to display wall art, or even leave them empty if the design itself is enticing enough. Additionally, browsing flea markets will lead you to some random, large and strange items that you can use for general decorations at the store.