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Setting up your store for an Easter brunch

Setting up your store for an Easter brunch

Easter is a time for eating, and many people love hosting their loved ones for a nice Easter brunch. Home goods stores can meet this demographic by setting up some of their greatest brunch tools at the front of the store.

Using display tables, arrange your dishes as if customers were walking into someone's home during brunch. Many families may be in a pinch when it comes to hosting brunch, so they could come in looking for a number of items. You may want to purchase some fake food to really help the customer visualize what holding breakfast would look like with your products.

Some unique dish items that people may be in the market for are deviled egg trays, water pitchers and tea sets. If customers do not hold large gatherings too often, they may want to stock up on some of these items that are not everyday essentials.

As for a color scheme, stick to the hues of springtime. Pastels are a great option, so use pastel tablecloths, placemats and dishes whenever possible. This is a great way to display the holiday without being too promotional.

If you sell cookbooks in your store, be sure to keep the breakfast ones on prominent display. Or, if you happen to have a portable kitchen available, offer cooking demonstrations for dishes that are typically served at Easter brunch, such as deviled eggs, quiche or even coffee cake. Customers will love enjoy the ability to snack as they shop, and you'll be able to make some great add-on sales should they be inspired to suddenly make one of your creations in their own kitchen.