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Set up Easter window displays

Set up Easter window displays

One of the first big milestones of spring is Easter. The weather is steadily growing more pleasant and everyone is eager to get outside to fully enjoy it. Kids are excited to run out in their yards and look for hidden Easter eggs with all the rewards they bring. Now is the time to harness your customer’s energy by setting up your Easter store displays. The world’s transformation will be fast once it comes into full swing. Make sure everything in your shop is set up and prepared before Mother Nature surprises you.

A time of growing
Children love the adventure Easter brings them as they feel the thrills of the scavenger hunt. Parents, on the other hand, feel the need for new spring clothes for their kids after a long winter of growing. Keep that in mind when you’re setting up your window displays so you can wholly exploit the desires of your shoppers and instill some seasonal joy in them. Arrange a classic scene of young ones on an Easter egg hunt at your storefront windows. Make it as classic as possible to transport everyone who looks at it back in time to their own childhood.

A child mannequin or two in each of your displays will do the trick as you get the chance to adorn them in your new spring inventory before the big rush really begins. You can use display cubes to pose them in a more passive stance or opt for a more active scene. Equip them with their own baskets as they each begin the search. If you don’t have any artificial grass mats, cover the bottoms of your windows with a layer of some green tissue paper and then, on top of that, some different shades of tulle ribbon to give it a bit of fluff. For the finishing touch, scatter some of the very prizes they look for – Easter eggs.

This simple showcase will incur the right spirit you want in your store for this time of year. You can add even more recognizable props to enhance your overall presentation. Popular items to include may be any form of an Easter Bunny, baby chicks and lots of candy that you can even give away to your patrons.

Let shoppers know it’s time
Not only are these displays your opportunity to celebrate the coming holiday, but it’s an important first step in letting your customers and all the passing shoppers that it’s time for spring. When you make the jump from seasons, you need to announce that you’re ready for the change in a big way. There’s no larger way to notify them than with an amazing window display. It will invite them to come in and join you for the sales and promotions you’ll be running to honor the occasion.

If you want an extra outlet to spread your message, a blackboard sign at the front of your doors is an ideal way to communicate with shoppers. Not to mention, a lot of the chalk you use to write on it is conveniently colored in cooperation with the spring and Easter palette. Use the sign to draw vibrant holiday pictures or just welcome passersby.

Easter is a good moment to change your store to a spring setting while also catering to the upcoming holiday. Customers will be ready to shop around and just spend time out of the house they’ve been in for so long in general. This holiday and your displays can captivate them with things they haven’t seen in too long and bring them in to see what your business has to offer.