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Sell summer jewelry with the right displays

Sell summer jewelry with the right displays

Fashion-forward shoppers are always on the hunt for ways to stand apart from the crowd. This summer, one of the hottest trends taking over storefronts is jewelry. If you operate a boutique, there’s a good chance your store displays are going to feature some kind of these sparkling accessories, so knowing all about the latest styles and the best ways to showcase them is of the utmost importance.

During the warmer months, shoppers are going to be searching for a few key elements in the displays they see around a store. Here are two trends to keep in mind when you’re setting up jewelry displays:

Layers matter
A common trend sweeping the nation is the layering of jewelry. Incorporating the right jewelry displays into your tables or showcases is the perfect way to highlight products that are prime for layering. Long, fine necklaces or compatible bangles are ideal for layering, as they can accent an outfit without overpowering the individual.

“Women should definitely be layering their jewelry this season,” Olga Medina, a jewelry designer, told NBC Miami. “Everything from necklaces, bracelets and even rings can be layered. Keep in mind that we are moving away from the more chunky look and going more towards thinner styles for a more delicate look.”

Colorful, more delicate pieces will need to jump out from a display to make an impression on shoppers, which is where the right jewelry stands can come into play. Busts and accessory racks go a long way in emphasizing these products, so you should consider purchasing a few for your store.

Statement pieces
Stores that are displaying statement jewelry items will want to give each piece the attention it deserves. Whether they incorporate bold colors or unique designs, these products can pull together an entire outfit and cause a trend setter to stand out from the crowd.

Any item that is going to cause a shopper to set themselves apart deserves to be given some special treatment in a table display, although this is usually easier said than done. However, displaying necklaces is easy with the help of a collapsible bust. Ideal for trade shows or displays that are constantly changing, these tools are great for showing off the hottest trends in jewelry.

When you need to give a statement piece the space it needs to attract attention or choose to display it in such a way that shows off the latest trends, the right jewelry display stands and tools can help.