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Selecting clothing racks for your retail space

Selecting clothing racks for your retail space

As apparel retailers know, racks are an essential item to have when it comes to displaying merchandise. Although some pieces of clothing can be efficiently advertised while folded and set on shelves, a number or styles are more aptly showcased in a hanging form.

Take dresses, for instance. Long, flowing designs are done no credit whatsoever if they’re folded up and decorative detailing is hidden from sight. Additionally, formal wear and materials that crease or crumple easily can stay more pristine and presentable when you utilize a hanger instead of a shelf. If you think that racks are one-size-fits-all as far as store fixtures go, however, you might be missing out on some great opportunities. Check out these different styles and options for customizing your display features to match your shop’s needs and tone:

Straight racks
Perhaps the most frequently implemented style of apparel rack is the straight, rolling or grounded variety. As the name would imply, this design features a horizontal bar supported by two vertical legs, which can be outfitted with either wheels or stationary bases. Locking wheels can prevent unwanted rolling, but if you feel pretty secure in your fixtures’ positioning, you may appreciate the permanence of the based pieces. Like many store features, straight racks come in a variety of designs, such as industrial or boutique. An alteration on the single straight rack is the double bar option, which features two parallel crossbars at either the same height or slightly different levels.

Branching racks
Unlike the straight variety, branch racks feature a central, based trunk with posts that spread out. This offers a bit of variety in terms of displaying apparel, because customers have a perfect vantage point for viewing merchandise from any side. Posts typically number between two and four, and can either extend from parallel levels along the fixture or at different heights. Like straight racks, a variety of styles and shades are available, such as those of the C3 Color collection.

Circular racks
Round clothing stands are ideal for maximizing efficiency, as they truly take advantage of all angles. The design usually features four legs which splay outward to provide support for a circular rim at the top. The only complication of circular racks is separating unlike items if you want to make a distinction between sizes or styles. To accomplish this, try utilizing color code markers directly on the hangers or tabs that break up the circle.