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Salute your shorts

Salute your shorts

Who wears short shorts? Turns out, a lot of people do during the summer months. Stores that are looking to show off their summer wares need to make sure that shorts are front and center, as these items are very popular during the warmer months.

What you first want to do is buy some mannequins for sale and dress them up in your most vibrant and eye-catching shorts. Depending on your demographic, you'll want to dress them up accordingly.

For kids
Kids love wearing shorts in the summer, as they're easy to move around in and can make for great play clothes. For kids, you'll want to dress up the mannequins in shorts and coordinating T-shirts. For accessories, consider purchasing some plastic bats and baseballs and even putting some baseball hats on top of the mannequins. If these displays are in the window, make sure to have a blue backdrop and green floor, as this can give the feeling of playing around outside.

For women
Women's shorts can vary in length, and you'll need to make sure you have a pair for every girl. For the more modest and work-appropriate shorts, you'll want to have some Bermuda shorts on display. Consider pairing these with a nice blouse and necklace. For medium length shorts, you'll want to pair them with a polo and pearls, as these can make for the perfect country club outfit. Finally, short shorts are great beach attire, but you should plan accordingly by outfitting the mannequin in a bikini top with an unbuttoned blouse. These are great ways to show how shorts can fit into a summer wardrobe in multiple ways.

For men
Men may have to wear slacks and a dress shirt to the office, but on the weekend, it's all about the shorts. You'll want to offer all different colors and patterns, particularly for the golfing crowd. As many men like to hit the links during the warmer months, creating a window display dedicated to golf is a great way to sell shorts. Choose a polo in a summer color and match it with some plaid shorts. This preppy look is perfect for everything from the course to a family barbeque. You'll also want to consider pairing shorts with a crisp, white linen shirt, as this is a great way to show men how to be casual and comfortable even in the hottest of temperatures.