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Rustic Aesthetic 101: 5 tips

Rustic Aesthetic 101: 5 tips


When you think of a rustic space, you likely imagine simple living in a rural space. A lack of modern technology and the absence of bright, artificial colors can create a homey, warm and comfortable feeling. A rustic space also signifies an appreciation for craftsmanship, quality and hard work. A modern take on the aesthetic might combine the image of a country hearth with the smells of an urban cafe. The space should be inviting without making your shoppers feel out of place.

Here are five tips to help you design a cozy, rustic retail space that appeals to shoppers:

1. Bring nature indoors

In the countryside, you’re closer to nature. To mimic this important detail in your shop, you’ll need to bring some nature inside. A simple way to do so is to gather twigs and pinecones to create small decorative retail displays. A few bits of nature in a mason jar can add a subtle hint of the outdoors.

2. Use woodgrain abundantly

Without an ample presence of woodgrain, your shop just won’t look very rustic. If you can, cover the walls in it. If not, use wooden furniture, as you might find in an old log cabin. The gentle creak of a wooden floor or a wicker rocking chair can go a long way toward achieving your desired aesthetic. Likewise, our aged wood trays are perfect for displaying jewelry, sunglasses and other small merchandise.

3. Light up the corners

You probably won’t be able to use candles as a light source, but you can achieve a similar effect with our LED string lights. Coil some in a large candle holder or drape them around a display table, and you’ll get a soft, warm glow that reminds customers of evenings spent in front of a gently smoldering fireplace.

4. Decorate with reclaimed objects

Rustic homes have a lived-in feel. You can almost imagine the generations of children growing up in the space and calling it home. Over the years, objects tend to accumulate – from old coffee cans to porcelain knick knacks. Try visiting a local flea market or vintage shop and pick out a few objects to give your shop some personality.

5. Create contrast with neutral colors

If woodgrain is the only texture featured in your store, it may lose some of its modern flair. Consider using a solid accent wall in a neutral color to bring in a little modernity without overpowering the aesthetic. White, taupe, gray and eggshell provide a necessary visual break from the swirling wood patterns. This is even more important if you’re using heavily stained wood, which has a tendency to absorb too much light, making the room appear darker than it truly is.

Similarly, you could use some of our white or gray mannequins to achieve this effect, while keeping the walls uniform in texture.

For more tips on creating a rustic retail space, call our retail design experts today!