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Risers in your store help direct focus to more of your merchandise

Risers in your store help direct focus to more of your merchandise

With summer shopping in full swing, customers have plenty of choices for their warm weather wardrobes. Store displays are showcasing hats, sandals, and everything in between. You need to make sure your exhibits are properly spaced out to give every one of your products a fair chance at some summer sun this season. It’s easy for some inventory to go unnoticed with visual displays drawing people’s attention this way and that, but there are ways to bring all of your stock into the spotlight.

Some store fixtures specialize in bringing attention to areas of your store that need more emphasis. By carefully placing risers on the floor, display tables and counters in your establishment, a larger variety of your products can be displayed more prominently for shoppers who might not have spotted the merchandise otherwise.

You raise me up so I can fly over aisles
When you just don’t think the space on a table or other surface will cut it for your vision of how a display should look, consider using a riser to add another layer of depth and style to any arrangement. A variety of shapes, colors and styles can help fit into any theme to lift the products that aren’t in the foreground into view.

Every customer is different and the items they’re looking for reflect their unique preferences. By expanding the options available to them, you encourage diverse outfit combinations and pairings of accessories. Not many people enjoy seeing the same product they own with another person, so by presenting more choices, you not only introduce some of the lesser-known stock to crowds, but also cater to shoppers’ individual personalities.

A magnifying glass for small accessories
Amidst all the summer products filling your store, sometimes the smaller items have a hard time gaining the focus they deserve. Jewelry can dazzle shoppers, but it has to be seen first to do so. Even when you have a wide selection of shining accessories, it can be difficult to make certain pieces stand out against the rest. Jewelry risers are small enough to fit on counters and display cases, but they also elevate certain accessories, drawing customers’ eyes to them more easily.

Whether they’re made from acrylic or natural wood, these risers can give a boost to any items you’re trying to move through your store. Sometimes giving attention to different aspects of your inventory only requires a little extra height to put them in the line of sight for the shoppers entering your store.