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Revamping your store after the holidays

Revamping your store after the holidays

Right now, retailers across the U.S. are busy serving customers who are doing some last-minute holiday shopping. But in a little less than a week, Christmas will have come and gone and shoppers will no longer be looking for presents. This is a time when retailers must work hard to revamp their store in order to keep customers interested. Here are some tips on how to reorganize your floor to entice post-holiday shoppers.

New fixtures are key
For many shoppers, the subtle details are what separate the “just OK” stores from the best of the best. This means that you need to think on both a big and small scale. Getting all new store fixtures is a great way to give your shop a new and improved look after the holidays.

You can also purchase new mannequins for sale to put up in your shop, and get rid of those that are showing wear and tear following the holiday season. Be sure to put these new mannequins in prominent places, like the front of the store or in the main display window.

Keep offering gift wrap
Though the holidays may be over, it’s important to remember that there are many belated gift givers out there. It’s highly likely that you’ll come across more than a few shoppers who are picking up late Christmas gifts, and they’ll be grateful if you’re still offering to wrap up their items.

Replace decorations with something new
If you’ve gone all out with Christmas decorations this year, then you run the risk of leaving your store looking a little drab after you take them down. You can avoid this by creating a fun, new theme for your store interior. For instance, you can keep your display tables and cases seasonal by decorating them with wintry items – just avoid those that evoke a sense of the holidays.