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Revamp your dressing rooms

Revamp your dressing rooms

When it comes to all the details that go into running a successful clothing store, the dressing rooms can sometimes be overlooked. Many shop owners might view the dressing rooms as a necessity rather than a place that needs to look its best. However, having clean, modern and user-friendly dressing rooms can actually go a long way in keeping consumers happy. With a few simple upgrades, your dressing rooms can become just as fabulous as your creative display tables.

Update the lighting

There's nothing worse than trying on clothes under fluorescent lighting, as the bright tone can make anyone look bad. By switching to softer light bulbs, people may be more likely to be pleased with what they see – and, more importantly, buy the items.

Have plenty of fixtures

Using dressing rooms with one or two hooks can be a nightmare and slow down the turnover rate due to people struggling to get clothes off the hangers. To avoid this problem, simply add more fixtures that allow shoppers to easily have a "yes" section, a "no" section and a "maybe" section. Add some spunk to your dressing rooms by installing black metal hooks with different colored ceramic knobs to bring color to the space.

Add in a small bench or chair as well to give shoppers a place to keep their own clothes and handbags.