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Retailers shouldn’t be afraid to show their quirky side

Retailers shouldn’t be afraid to show their quirky side

Running a store is serious business. You have to make sure your employees and customers are happy, balance budgets, keep track of inventory and make sure your products are selling well. But when it comes to designing and decorating your store, you should feel free to let your hair down. Showing your quirky side will intrigue customers and make their shopping experience more memorable. If you truly want to stand out from your competitors, then cut loose and let out a little weirdness in your store displays.

Maintaining cohesion
When considering how to create a quirky look for your store, it’s essential that you keep your shop’s general theme in mind. For example, if you sell formal clothing, purchasing mannequins for sale and dressing them in zany colors is probably not a good idea. Even the oddities of your store should have a purpose – in other words, don’t be weird just for the sake of being weird. Every marketing technique you employ and design choice you make should further your brand, not take away from it.

Get creative with store fixtures
If you want to show your quirky side but don’t want it to be too “in your face,” then you can go subtle by switching out your store fixtures. Purchasing hangers in bright colors may not be that zany, but if your store uses neutral tones throughout, it might make customers stop and smile.

Set aside a week for curiosities
You don’t have to make a permanent commitment to having quirky store displays in your shop. If you’re a bit more timid, set aside a week or two that you will dedicate entirely to quirkiness. You can let your customers know that you’re showing your “strange side” by posting a few pictures of oddly dressed adult and child mannequins on Instagram. This type of theme works particularly well at certain times of the year, such as Halloween or during a local festival.

Encourage employees to be quirky
While still emphasizing professionalism, you can let your employees show what makes them unique by encouraging them to be creative while at work. Ask them if they have any ideas on how you can make your customers’ experience more exciting and unique. You could also allow your staff to wear different and stylish (and of course appropriate) outfits when coming to work.