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Retail displays and other essentials to help you sell

Retail displays and other essentials to help you sell


Is your retail store using space to its best advantage? The sales floor may be filled with merchandise, but making walls work for you is a different matter. Here are some ways to add dramatic new displays as well as obtain other selling tools to make your job easier.

Slatwall panels offer amazing versatility

Imagine remaking your plain, bare store walls, choosing from a large variety of different styles, colors and finishes, including textured, smooth and unfinished – delivering the distinctive decor you’ve always envisioned for your store. You’ll have a customized look that makes your brand different from the competition.

Now picture the extreme functionality – Slatwalls, designed with equally spaced slots over their entire panel area, giving you the ability to hang display hooks, wire baskets, brackets, shelving, promotional signs and other accessories wherever they’re needed. And when you’re doing remodeling or a reset, that means you’ll have the flexibility to change things around effortlessly. With the Slatwall system, there’s no limit to the imaginative ways you can display merchandise to catch shoppers’ attention.

With practicality and design like this, you’ll be maximizing your store’s square footage while boosting sales and driving profits.

Slatwalls’ 3D Textured Decorative Walls and Panels offer an astounding array of unique finishes. Why settle for plain, when you can have realistic old painted wood, brick, driftwood, subway tile, diamond plate, tire treads, corrugated metal or any number of other special effects that make your retail vision come to life?  The three-dimensional designs really put Slatwalls a step above the ordinary.

Plus tools for price tagging, message boards and more

Once you’ve decided on your decor, it’s time to focus on details like other selling tools.

Pricing and tagging guns, for example, come in a wide range of models, allowing both single and double line tagging, and even tagging on fine fabrics. There are different colored fasteners available as well as needles, both standard and heavy duty. Plus, there are carpet-style hang tags of all sorts, in addition to repair, alteration and layaway tags.

Other store supplies include promotional materials like message boards and sale posters, along with other practical essentials.

Message boards range from free-standing slate, chalkboard and dry erase-type boards to two-sided, A-frame construction and sidewalk swinger styles with interchangeable lettering.

Promotional signs include sale signs, acrylic card holders, chrome finish sign holders, in both free-standing floor stands as well as individual frames that can be mounted on clothing racks; bulletin stands; and smaller-sized clip-mounting signs that can be attached to individual merchandise items.

There are also contest entry boxes, a large selection of open & close signs (some with space for writing in your store hours) and a variety of sale and discount cards for affixing to clothing or displays.

Firefly Store Solutions offers all these essentials, plus shopping baskets, display easels, office and shipping supplies, dressing room supplies, mirrors, security devices and systems and hanging supplies.