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Retail design trends for 2014

Retail design trends for 2014

The beginning of the year is the optimal time to update your store and make your retail space stand out. Looking at trends for 2014, here are a few themes you might want to incorporate into your own interior design to amp up the atmosphere:

Highlight natural appeal
It’s back to basics in 2014, with new emphasis placed on natural, unprocessed appearances. When selecting store fixtures, look for features in organic materials like wood, which can bring a bit of the outdoors into your shop. The material could be incorporated with major features such as display tables and cases, or smaller accents like wooden hangers and decorative bowls.
Of course, wood isn’t the only natural medium. Consider accents in glass like the new stylish neck blocks in green, black or aqua, and pair them with carved jersey form model stands. You might also want to take a modern approach, opting for glass fixtures such as tall display units or smaller functional items with a similar vibe, like acrylic cubes.

Play with color
It’s not just the shades of nature that will be getting more attention in the coming months. When redesigning or updating your space, go bold with colorful accents that stand out on their own or as part of a cohesive shop display. For instance, a monochromatic or two-toned space could also benefit from a pop of color provided from an item such as a C3 collection mannequin, or one with a glossy finished exterior.

You can also opt for quick fixes that will catch shoppers’ eyes by purchasing new covers for existing jersey forms. Check out patterns including the Peacock Blue cover, the La De Da Coral form or Hello Roses pattern. Don’t forget to incorporate those little details that add the finishing touch to your store. Small stands for countertops near the checkout are the perfect way to encourage last-second sales in a stylish manner.

Innovate with lighting
There’s no time like the new year to quite literally shed a new light on your merchandise. Switching up the lighting fixtures in your store can give the space an entirely different tone. Have you been using overhead lights for ages? Consider trying something drastically different, such as boutique strand or string lighting or a modern option like track bulbs, which are highly versatile and simple to install and rearrange on a whim.