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Retail design that appeals to the millennial eye

Retail design that appeals to the millennial eye


What appeals to millennials? It’s the question businesses have been asking for years. As the millennial generation grows up and enters the working world, its buying power increases. According to Retail Leader, millennials spend $200 billion annually, and that number is expected to increase over the next few years. Large brands already have strategies in place for appealing to Generation Y and there’s quite a lot that boutique owners can learn. Keep reading to discover how your store can better appeal to the millennial eye:

Shopping habits have changed
Before we look at what you can do to increase your store’s millennial appeal, you’ll need to know how millennials shop. The habits of millennials are much different than any previous generation. Mostly, that has to do with technology. Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the internet, and that’s very important to remember. Entrepreneur magazine reported that millennials like to compare prices online before making an in-store purchase, and also rely heavily on social media.

As a boutique owner, you can make your store more appealing to millennials by engaging with them online and showing them your brand’s personality. Millennials don’t respond well to brands that constantly pummel them with advertisements. Use your social media feeds to interact with your customers and learn about the topics they’re passionate about. Once they choose to engage with you, you can then start selling products.

Millennials like to be involved
Let’s say you’re having trouble deciding on your brand colors – rather than flipping a coin to decide between your two favorites, why not let your customers decide? SteamFeed noted that millennial consumers love to be part of the creation process. As you decide what color to make your C3 custom color mannequins, try putting up a poll on Facebook to get your customers involved.

Millennials also like to get involved with helpful campaigns like initiatives to go green. You can appeal to this socially conscious demographic by adding eco-friendly additions to your store. Our burlap jewelry displays are stylish examples of how you can incorporate responsible behaviors into retail design. To go further, add some foliage to your store – a few well-placed flowers or shrubs can create a calming effect that will keep shoppers in your store longer.

As a boutique owner, you’re in the unique position of being able to speak with your customers one-on-one. Ask them about what they like about your store and how you can improve their shopping experience. The final thing to remember about millennials is that they aren’t one homogenous group. You won’t know what appeals to a specific customer until you take the time to talk to her. This is another area that a great social media strategy will help you with – the more you can engage with your customers online, the more data you will have to work with. Know that you’ll have to keep adjusting until you find the right appeal that works for your boutique.