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Reinvent a display with chalkboard paint

Reinvent a display with chalkboard paint

Flexibility is key when it comes to creating store displays. Popular products change just as quickly as sales and seasons, so it’s imperative to have a design that can be customized to fit any situation.

Looking for a way to embrace flexibility in your own store design? Take a look at what chalkboard paint can do for you. The new trend comes with a wave of advantages that any type of store can benefit from, making this crafty substance something many retail owners should consider.

Highlight promotions
Having a display that utilizes chalkboard paint can be great for something as simple as promoting sales or hot items. A strip of the paint near a window display or a cash register can be ideal for posting store policies or informing customers of special deals going on. The best part? Once the promotion is over, all you have to do is erase the message. This makes it significantly easier to maintain than traditional signage once you get the initial paint up on a wall, shelf or table.

Change with the seasons
Chalkboard paint isn’t something that has to be limited to the summer. While it certainly works well for fun displays in the warmer months, the strategy is one that can be used all year long. In fact, you can even flex your creative muscles and switch up the settings as time goes by.

You can easily come up with cool backgrounds or sets that use chalkboard paint and highlight your products. Summer beach scenes could be great for showing off bathing suits or other items that will have customers day dreaming about their summer memories, while classroom settings are ideal for fall and back-to-school shopping.

Play with colors
Most chalkboard paint is available in black, the traditional color. However, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up a display with some color. For one, invest in a variety of chalk to use on your display. Even writing or drawing in different colors can draw a customer into a store or, if you or anyone on your staff has a creative mind, carry through elements of store design onto the chalkboard. There are even tutorials available to dye the paint itself, allowing you to add splashes of color throughout a boutique while still take advantage of the benefits.