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Registers: A store’s focal point

Registers: A store’s focal point

If your business and its store displays are your castle, then your register and counter are the throne. It doesn’t matter how often you use it personally, that is the one store fixture the traffic in your shop revolves around. It’s important to make sure the setup for your transactions does nothing to impair the process of ringing out your customers, but rather accentuates it. The layout should make things easier for you to handle all the different kinds of purchases you’ll see while also promoting the small accessories and promotions your store will be offering.

A worthy throne
When it comes to the space around your register, you want to make sure it’s always clean and that you have enough to work with. A register stand is a necessity for any business as it lifts your drawer to keep it safer and more isolated. With options for either shelves are cabinets underneath, it can provide you quick access to cleaning supplies or fliers and also serve as a spot to deposit things like hangers.

If you’d like more of an area to use, you can add on a longer counter with additional storage. As a separate piece, you can move it to any position you like, such as the traditional side by side or at an angle to close you and your employees in. Depending on the theme you’re going for, you can switch up the color and material the counter is made of or instead match that of your register stand. A counter allows your shoppers to place their purchases  on it so you can survey everything thoroughly. It also gives your cashiers more room for bagging all the items in the most ideal way.

No matter what your register arrangement looks like, a fatigue mat goes a long way in the health and comfort of your employees and will be greatly appreciated during the busy days.

A host of opportunities
Look at your counter and register as more than just a store fixture. It is a chance to interact directly with your customer base to find out what they need and like. Not only that, but it offers an opportunity to alert them of upcoming sales and promotions. You can place fliers at an easily seen location where anyone interested can simply take one or set up a small message board to notify them of important announcements.

All of that extra space can be utilized with small displays showcasing your accessories or jewelry. It’s easy for shoppers to forget about the little things they need, and this is an easy way to remind them of what they might have forgotten.

Your register doesn’t have to be just the final stop on people’s way out of your store. It’s the perfect place to bring everything together and complete the interaction with your customers. Pick up some feedback, let them know what to expect or just show them that every single one of your patrons means something more to you than just a sale.