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Reevaluate your space

Reevaluate your space

There have been many changes for brick-and-mortar stores in recent years, partly due to the difficult economy as well as the ever-evolving world of shopping online. Although it may be more challenging to wow customers these days, with a few simple updates, your store could be top of the class.

Get inspired

An important aspect of running a successful retail shop is to be excited and inspired about your space and what you sell. If you're not impressed with your current layout, switch it up! Start by getting sample paint colors and putting a few different shades on walls in your store. If you plan to display a new collection of merchandise in a certain space, you might want to pick a color that is pleasing with the new jewels or summer clothing. Replacing your current display tables for more modern or soft varieties can also add appeal to your space.

Think outside the box

Updating can seem expensive, but it can be a fun idea to think about materials you already have in your store and unique ways to reuse them. Duct tape has come a long way and now comes in plentiful patterns and colors – it could be fun to create a wall display out if this inexpensive material. Looking for something more organic? Try using inexpensive cotton or muslin fabrics or even pieces of driftwood from the beach to beautifully display jewelry, sunglasses and more.