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Re-boot your boot display

Re-boot your boot display

Now that August is over, it feels like fall is officially here. Shoe store owners know what that means – it's boot season! If your boot-loving customers haven't started flocking yet, they will soon, so it's important to have your boot displays up to par.

That said, it's not always easy to display boots in a unique way that still keeps them intact. For tall boots, boot trees are crucial for maintaining the shape of the shoe while it is on display. These props also make it easy to show off the full beauty of the boot, especially when you (or the display) can't use a mannequin.

Once you have your tall boots stuffed with these boot trees, you can display them by height on your tables. Arrange by style or color for the most attractive visuals. For example, put all of your black boots on one table together, with the tallest boots in the center so they stand out above the others. The shorter boots can be displayed in front on shoe stands.