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Raise the bar in a retail space with display cubes and risers

Raise the bar in a retail space with display cubes and risers

You shouldn’t pass up the chance to buy display tables or other items that could work perfectly in your store. However, after purchasing a few of these items, you may come to the realization that not every piece is the same or ideal height. While this isn’t the end of the world, it can certainly be frustrating when trying to put together displays.

The next time you encounter a problem where you think a surface needs to be raised a few inches, turn to display cubes and risers for help. These resources can go a long way in revamping the look and feel of a store, and they may be just the thing that can give a space a simple yet successful makeover.

Store floor
Bringing tables to a higher level can improve the aesthetic quality of your store by making it easier for customers to view all of the items in a display. It can also provide an interesting focal point for a section of your sales floor. By varying the heights of shelves or tables, you can draw attention to different products while doing your best to ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Heightening display cases with display cubes and risers also makes it more likely that shoppers will see the details on top items like jewelry or watches. The intricate parts of these accessories may be difficult to notice when the products are farther away or require a customer to hunch over to see them all, making risers an extremely valuable investment.

Work spaces
Risers are good for more than just display tables on the floor of your store. You can use these tools to enhance other aspects of a store as well, including in staff or work rooms where you may be preparing items for the main floor. Having raised workspaces makes it easier for staff to go through inventory or perform their duties without straining themselves, as they are able to stand up straight when finishing their tasks.

Display cubes and risers are available in a variety of colors and styles. With many options to choose from, you should have no trouble finding a design that seamlessly blends in with tables, shelves and other units on the floor.