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Quick tips to minimize chaos this Christmas

Quick tips to minimize chaos this Christmas

The holidays can be a blessing and a curse for retailers. It’s typically the best time of the year for sales, but the rush of shoppers can wreak havoc on your store’s floor. Here are some quick tips to cut down on the chaos this holiday season.

Widen the aisles
If your store feels too crowded, it can make the whole Christmas operation much worse. Try to move your adult and child mannequins to the sides of the aisles so that shoppers have a clear path.

Send troops to reorganize
It may seem like you need all of your employees behind the counter, but you can make your store feel much less hectic if you have a team of workers out on the floor reorganizing display cases and tables.

Opt for display tables and racks
Speaking of which, display tables and wall displays allow you to showcase more items, without risking too much customer-interference. Hangers can be a headache when it comes time to reorganize.

Use off hours wisely
When your store closes for the night, have employees stay behind for a while to clean up the mess. It may be exhausting, but you’ll be thankful in the morning when it’s time to start another busy day.