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Put your storefront in the spotlight for Mother’s Day

Put your storefront in the spotlight for Mother’s Day

Most retail stores work hard to show off the latest trends in their store displays in the hopes of encouraging more traffic from consumers walking by. Mother's Day is fast approaching and the holiday will be a common theme in storefronts through May 13. You may assume that highlighting your stores' best gifts including jewelry, picture frames or other accessories and products may be enough to entice an audience, but there are even better ways to help shoppers notice the perfect present from your shop.

Lighting is essential when it comes to making certain items stand out. To achieve great lighting on your big sellers, start by setting up display tables in the window and covering them in a dark colored tissue paper or cloth. Next, place a few boxes or other display fixture on top of the table and place key items on the setup. Products that shine are best for a light-heavy display, so consider including a shimmering crystal picture frame, locket or another pieces of jewelry that moms will melt for.

Once the products are in place, start adding in unique lighting fixtures such as a lamp with a movable arm or bulbs that you can place under the display boxes to create a glow around the products. If your shop sells lamps, be sure to add in a few colorful or eclectic pieces to garner even more attention.