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Put your best foot forward with holiday slipper displays

Put your best foot forward with holiday slipper displays

How many pairs of slippers have you given or received during the holidays?

Since they’re a popular gift for a handful of reasons, consider creating enticing store displays dedicated to slippers.

Slippers again this Christmas
While some may scoff at the idea of opening another pair of slippers over the holidays, plenty of people love receiving a box of fluffy comfort at the year’s end. It’s the perfect time of year for slippers, since they keep your feet warmer than socks, and give you an alternative to wearing your shoes in the house – you won’t track dirt and salt from the sidewalks into your home.

Another reason people favor slippers for holiday gifts is the variety that’s available. There are slippers for every age group, with a range of styles to choose from. With options in materials such as faux fur, fleece, suede and yarn, all preferences on comfort can be appeased. Different designs including booties, ballet slippers and moccasins, which further increase the potential for the perfect gift.

It’s a practical choice, plus slippers become worn out over time, so people can always use another pair. One of the best reasons to buy slippers as a gift is they fit looser than most shoes, so you have more leeway when selecting a size for someone else.

Showcase your best holiday slippers
Since shoppers will be browsing stores for slippers to gift, you should have an eye-catching arrangement set up in a prominent place using an array of shoe stands.

If incorporating slippers into your window displays appeals to you, consider stacking your merchandise in the shape of an evergreen tree. You can either do this with your store fixtures for a three-dimensional tree or hang slippers in a pyramid formation to represent the tree. Fake snow could really make this concept pop as well.

For in-store display design, consider arranging your slippers around other comfy objects, such as blankets with holiday patterns. You may want to simply create a holiday atmosphere around your slipper display. To do this, hang a bunch of ornaments at different heights. The additional decorations draw more attention to your slipper selection and provide holiday cheer. There are also endless options when it comes to actually buying the ornaments. Whether you want to use your brand’s signature colors or choose particular shapes for your favorite winter holiday.