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Put up back-to-school clothing displays before the leaves change

Put up back-to-school clothing displays before the leaves change

As the summer temperatures slowly fall, parents, children and students alike must face a very stern reality that the time for back to school is approaching. You need to make sure your store displays are ready for a smooth transition between your warm season products and early fall items to help facilitate the needs shoppers will soon face.

Whether it’s preschool, high school or college, scholars of all ages are going to need new clothes and accessories to get themselves ready for the upcoming year. Some students have outgrown their old wardrobes while others might simply desire to update theirs with the current trends and styles. Either way it’s up to you to get your display fixtures in position to showcase all the inventory you have for the start of the school year.

Getting everything in shoppers’ views
To herald in the coming transformation, you need to make the impending changes known well ahead of time so customers can plan their shopping strategy. Some people like to think long and hard on what they need before making any big decisions, but other prefer to get everything out of the way before the expected rush. Setting up your displays early in the season allows you to reach all the different types of patrons that may walk by your storefront, letting them either seize the moment to grab a few needed items or plant the seeds of shopping for future cultivation.

Early sales are a great way to bring in customers that may not have been planning on back-to-school shopping just yet. You can line your windows with posters highlighting the coming school term to put words to your visual exhibits.

Use mannequins dressed in the current trends to help give shoppers an idea of what will be popular this year. You can adorn them with accessories that aid in driving the point home, like backpacks and text books.

If you really want to drive the point home, use whatever props you can get your hands on as school desks and chairs for a mock classroom. If your store windows can’t support such a large presentation, a simple blackboard with a lesson drawn on it can provide an authentic backdrop for child mannequins, perhaps on their first day of school – black paper with white paint or chalk can work just as well in a pinch. This a a good way to show off your selection for kids. Lunch boxes and art supplies are another creative method to connect your displays with some of the big life moments affecting your shoppers’ families.

Once they’re inside
When you entice shoppers into your store, it’s time to show them the true extent of your inventory using all of your store racks and display tables. Clothes ladder racks are a perfect fixture  for showing off any type of item, with the potential to hold so many articles that exhibit the range of your store’s diversity.

You can assemble the rack to hold two rows of clothing or longer items that hang to the floor, but if there are a few outfit combinations you didn’t have enough mannequins to showcase, the ends of the ladder racks have bars that can hold hangers at varying heights, simulating the overall look of attire if assembled in the correct order.

These fixtures provide enough adaptability to either showcase a particular array of items or hold as much as they can fit.

Back-to-school displays need to get the message out for customers to see that the school bell will be ringing soon to serve as a reminder for parents to start shopping for everything they’ll need to dress their children. It can be easy to forget what might still fit after growth spurts and a year’s worth of wear and tear, so you need to remind shoppers by positioning everything tied into the theme in the same area.