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Pull out all the stops for the Valentine’s Day home stretch

Pull out all the stops for the Valentine’s Day home stretch

We’re only days away from Valentine’s Day. This is the time when many shops will be flooded with men and women searching for the perfect gift for their sweetheart, so merchants and store employees need to be on their game to maximize sales. Here are some last-minute tips for retailers:

Welcome in the latecomers
It’s no secret that many young men and women put off their Valentine’s Day shopping until the holiday has nearly arrived. Often, people are still catching their breath from the Christmas holiday season when they realize they need to purchase a gift for their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. You can take advantage of this by reaching out to the latecomers with sales, promotions and deals targeted specifically for them. Put up a store sign in your window that reads something like, “Need a gift in a jiffy? Come on in!” You’ll likely catch the eye of frantic shoppers desperate for the perfect present.

Spruce up your store window
You may have already designed and set up your store window display, but there’s no harm in freshening it up a bit in these final few days before February 14. Perhaps you should switch out the items on your display table with new goods that have proven to be big sellers for Valentine’s Day thus far. You can also place a new adult or child mannequin wearing red, pink, purple and white hues to remind shoppers that you’re in the holiday mood.

Roll out the gift wrap
Shoppers who are picking out presents late in the game may not have time to wrap them up before the holiday, so offering free or discounted gift wrap is a good way to please your customers. Make sure you have paper and wholesale ribbon that reflect the theme colors of this holiday. You can also pick up a few red or pink wholesale shopping bags to hand out to customers who are in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for a formal wrapping job.

All hands on deck
It’s likely that as the 14th draws nearer, your shop will become busier and busier. Plan ahead by offering your staff a few extra shifts over the coming days. It can be extremely helpful to have more hands on deck to clean up display cases, help customers find gifts and keep the line at the register flowing.