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Properly displaying your jewelry

Properly displaying your jewelry

Jewelry is a great add-on for any sale, and it’s important that retailers know how to properly market some of their sparkliest items. While some jewels can be big and eye-catching, it’s still important to make sure they are featured prominently in the store so passersby will take notice.

Show how it can be worn
It’s a good idea to purchase some mannequins for sale and dress them in your most popular pieces. Then, use some statement necklaces to really make the outfits pop. People who come in interested in a top or dress may decide to also purchase the necklace to go with it.

If you’re looking to really make jewelry the focus, try layering the mannequin with lots of complementing necklaces. By choosing similar colors and designs, this will look like one big piece, and shoppers may be interested in purchasing all of them at once to achieve a similar look.

Make the perfect sale
You’ll also want to keep some of the jewelry near the register, so shoppers can add on to their purchases. Buy a display table and set up some plastic or glass jars and fill them with some of your fun, inexpensive bracelets and rings. This will ensure that there is no tangled jewelry, and customers and poke around the tables as they wait in line.

Decorate the tables with effective marketing. Placing signs that say “Everything 20% off” or “$5 only” can entice customers to add onto their purchases, because they won’t feel like they’re breaking the bank by scooping up an extra bracelet, especially if it’s discounted.

Don’t forget the ears
Women love buying earrings, as they can be the perfect way to easily dress up an outfit. This is why it’s important earrings are the star of the show wherever they are displayed. On display tables and racks, hang up your earrings. Be sure to organize them by color and then by size. This can be aesthetically appealing to shoppers, and they’ll be able to easily find the color they’re looking for. Train your salespeople to recommend what color earrings complement other colors, so they can add on to their sales by offering great advice on the perfect shiny contrast.