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Properly displaying headbands

Properly displaying headbands

Headbands are accessories that can dress up a whole outfit, but many shops do not put them on display in the way that they should be. These bands can be treated like jewelry – show them in a way to instantly look polished with little to no effort.

On the sales floor
Headband displays are a great way to really showcase what these bands can look like. In addition to purchasing mannequins and topping them off with headbands, you'll also want to create full display cases that perfectly show off these great accessories. Set up a display table in the center of your store that is dedicated just to headbands. By organizing them by size, color or price, customers will be drawn to the display. Have a salesperson on hand near this area, as he or she can help guide customers to the accessory would look best on them.

Continue to display headbands in areas of the store that match the color scheme in the area. For example, if you have a lot of red clothes in one section of the store, put some headbands that would complement the colors nearby.

On your sales staff
To really drive home the benefits of wearing a headband, ask some of your female employees to wear them while they're on the floor. This is a great way to show off these accessories in action. Modeling would work really well for people who man the checkout counter.

Set up some shelving space near your cash registers and put headbands on display. Customers who admire the ones being sported by your sales staff may be quick to pick one up while they check out.