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Promotional sale techniques to start the year

Promotional sale techniques to start the year

After the holiday rush, you might be feeling in a bit of a slump, but it’s important to keep spirits high in your retail space to continue attracting customers in the new year. Start off the season right with some promotional sales, which can show off your 2014 inventory and clear out any remaining items from 2013. Try some of these techniques to optimize sales and get passersby to take notice:

Window displays
Nothing sets you up for sales like a good window display that will catch the attention of people walking past your shop. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the store fixtures that will best advertise your merchandise. For instance, do you have a tone in mind or a message that you’d like to send? If you’re emphasizing utility, you might want to set up a life-like scene that helps customers recognize how your items would play into their everyday life. However, if you’re going for a broader branding effect, it might be a better option to pick pieces that mimic your interior theme with corresponding coloring and lighting techniques.

Interior organization
Of course, your work doesn’t stop at the front door. Once customers come inside, you’ll want to help them identify the exact location of the items that they found so attractive from outdoors. Optimize the layout of your store so that sale items are easy to locate and approach. A clustered design that includes multiple levels might be the perfect way to make your merchandise stand out. Items like tiered display tables are particularly ideal for showing off a large number of diverse items within close proximity of one another.

Tagging and labeling
As always, it’s absolutely necessary that items be clearly marked if you want to ensure customers know where to look for your start-of-season sales. Begin with some store signs, which can be placed in a variety of locations throughout your space. A standing board at the front door may advertise sales inside, then reinforce that message with posters within the shop. You can opt for traditional, framed signs or with more unique hanging options. You might even try out a banner if you’re feeling particularly festive or have sale items located in a spot that could otherwise be difficult for customers to find. Use a tagging gun to quickly and accurately label merchandise, and you’re ready for a whole new year of sales.