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Printed earring cards can make for an eye-catching display

Printed earring cards can make for an eye-catching display

It can be difficult at times to properly display your smaller items in a way that will make them stand out above all else in your store. Compared to some of your larger store displays, it’s easy for your accessories and jewelry to be passed over in exchange for something a little bit more flashy. Luckily, there’s a simple way you can catch the attention of customers and contribute to the themes and styles at your business.

A bit of paper
With nothing but a small piece of hard paper, you can transform your jewelry’s display tables into a unique collage of designs and shining accessories, making them stand out all on their own. Earring and necklace cards are a painless way to raise awareness of these smaller pieces and increase the traffic moving by them, too.

Aid to the feeling of spring in your shop and provide a few of the more minute details. There are a number of choices with patterns and pictures that fit in with the season. Designs of flowers, meadows, and butterflies, for example, provide the backdrop for your glimmering ornaments and welcome the changing weather that will soon be enthralling all your shoppers. Remind them with the cards so they can choose the piece that will best complement their outfits this year.

Cause a second glance
Much of the battle to win new customers for your store entails bringing it to attention. There aren’t many ways for you to do that outside the walls of your building without spending money on commercials and ads, but a far easier way to peak people’s interest is with the bags you hand your customers. Too often we see plain plastic bags or blank paper ones in the hands of walking shoppers. Anything different will be an intriguing surprise and may encourage people to seek out the source.

Everything begins to change at the end of winter. It’s a transformation often embraced after a tiresome onslaught of cold, wind and snow. Capitalize on customer’s optimism by reminding them of what they desire with a selection of bags showcasing these sentiments just in time for the birds’ flight back north.

When you show that your business is capable of changing with the times, you show its adaptability and strength. Small efforts go a long way when it comes to the marketing of your shop. Add to your spring theme in a way that will draw shoppers to areas of your store you’d like more focus on.