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Presidents Day design ideas

Presidents Day design ideas

Though it’s not the most recognized shopping sale event, Presidents Day weekend can be an important day for your store. Largely regarded as the first big shopping promotion of the new year, some of the sales have begun expanding well beyond the long weekend and into the surrounding weeks due to growing popularity.

Laptops, appliances and seasonal outdoor products like grills and patio sets are hot items, but the best sales, by far, are on winter clothes. Many stores use the Presidents Day weekend to clean out their winter inventory in preparation for the spring season, and customers use this as a chance to stock up on winter clothes for next year.

Make sure your business has everything it needs, whether it’s hangers, wall displays or especially clothing racks. The best strategy is to have as much as possible out on the sales floor and, by the end, your store racks could be bare. Set up your display tables with everything you need to get rid of before the weather warms up and your new products begin to flow in.

Parents are going to be looking for clothes of varying sizes to fit their growing kids in time for the next cold snow, so no size is off limits.

If you’re looking for that extra something to get them in the door, there are mannequins for sale that, with some creativity, can be dressed up like a former president of the U.S. and centered in front of your shop. Though it’s not the Fourth of July, flags, ribbons, and the good old red, white and blue color scheme are sure ways to grab the attention of any passerby and pull them in.

Take advantage of this growing shopping fervor and prepare your store for the battlefield this upcoming Presidents Day weekend.