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Preparing your summertime window displays

Preparing your summertime window displays

The ongoing seasonal change is the perfect opportunity for your store to harness the energy shoppers are feeling to get everyone ready for summer. People will need to prepare for all of the outdoor activities they will soon be enjoying, and with your window displays, your shop can let customers know it has what they need.

Your store displays give your business a chance to show shoppers all of the clothes, footwear, accessories and swimwear in your inventory that could help them make many memories this year. Move key seasonal items to the forefront of your building and into the windows so everyone walking by can see what your store has to offer.

Putting everything in one place
One of the best ways to showcase a vast array of your products in your windows is with arrangements of mannequins. These models can display not just clothes, but even shoes and accessories. It’s the best way for customers to see how whole outfits can come together. By adorning the figures with all of the summer ornaments, shoppers have a very visual reminder of everything they might need. Some smaller items are easy to overlook, but your mannequins will put them front and center for everyone to see.

To play off of the familiar scenes that will soon occur for many, you can add a child mannequin to the window displays near the adult models. Children perhaps get the most excited about summer, and they’ll undoubtedly need new clothes for all the time they’ll spend playing outside.

Add some seasonal flavor
Don’t forget to give your window displays that little extra something that really shows it’s summer. You can set your mannequins up into snapshots of picnics or beach adventures to make your products seem right at home. These scenes will help facilitate shoppers images of your selection out in the real world.

There are other small changes and decorations you can add in your displays. If you’re planning on holding a summer sale event, special signs carefully positioned in your windows can alert any passerby of potential savings.

Even something as simple as lining the glass with garland strands covered with butterflies brings just enough color and life to the whole display, while still reflecting the emerging life outside.

If you opt for jersey forms in some of your window displays instead of full mannequins, there’s still a way to add a little seasonal charm. Form covers are not only great for transforming old forms into something more appealing, but they can add refreshing tones for a dynamic change. Form covers of daffodils and other bright colors breath some fresh life into these figures.

No matter what you do for your displays, include lots of color and use the changes occurring outside to your advantage. Bring those transformations inside your shop and customers will feel the same excitement they do for the coming summer.