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Prepare your store for these winter fashion trends

Prepare your store for these winter fashion trends


The temperature is already starting to drop, which means that winter is just around the corner. As you pull out your scarves and sweaters at home, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning to your winter wardrobe at your store as well, promoting new inventory that will equip your guests for the chilly season. And you know what that means – fresh merchandise displays.

With winter fast approaching, make sure that your store is ready to accommodate the following winter fashion trends:

Sterling silver accessories

Move over rose gold – there’s a new metal in town. From necklaces to earrings and everything in between, ladies this season will be decked out with the glitz of sterling silver. This colder tone is perfect for winter and coordinates well with many popular winter fashion shades, such as black and red.

Accessories call for a particular type of display that will show off that sparkle and draw in consumers, encouraging them to take a closer look. To set off the light tone of sterling silver, consider setting the pieces against a dark material, like a black necklace display or ring display. The simplicity of a solid, black backdrop will give your jewelry an added touch of elegance.

Denim plus denim

Everyone loves a good pair of denim jeans. And who would say no to a classic denim jacket? This season, you don’t have to choose between the two. Denim plus denim – using the material on both the top and bottom halves of an outfit – is in with a vengeance, bringing a modern flair to a trend that was popular in the ’80s and early ’90s.

You may have already stocked many of these items before now, but this season you need to be careful to display them together to take advantage of this trend. Keep denim tops and jackets close to the area where you normally keep jeans and consider dressing a mannequin or two with combinations.

Comfy knits

Knits are almost always a popular choice during the winter. But this season you’ll see this seasonal favorite taken to the next level in both comfort and the amount of material used. Think bulky sweaters, chunky scarves and anything else you might require on a snowy morning – multiplied by two.

To properly display these items, you’ll need a bit of extra space. After all, comfy knits are anything but thin. Leave some extra room for the bulk to avoid creating a merchandise display that appears squished.

Dots and spots

When it comes to patterns, dots and spots are the pick of the season. While black and white is a popular option, of course, you’ll likely see a variety of color combinations. From dresses and tees to faux fur coats, dots are a classic choice that is easily elevated.

If possible, display these items near solid-colored inventory. Too many other patterns in the same area may distract from these feature items, so plan strategically to let them pop from the display.