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Prepare your store for prom 2015 shoppers

Prepare your store for prom 2015 shoppers

Prom is often one of the most anticipated nights in a high school student’s life. Perhaps because movies and television shows often portray it as an exceptionally magical night , attendees strive for perfection in every detail.

Making plans for prom involves choosing a date, the group of friends you’ll eat with and transportation – whether it’s best to take a limo with friends or drive as a couple. However, prom is all about seeing and being seen, meaning the most important decisions relate to attire. Girls hunt for a flawless and unique dress, a stunning hairstyle and classy accessories, while boys balance their personal style with their date’s color scheme.

With Prom 2015 visible on the horizon, it’s time to arrange your formal wear store displays in anticipation of eager teen shoppers.

For the ladies…
Finding the ideal prom dress is often a milestone that high schoolers long to reach – many girls already have a dream dress in their heads.

Certain looks have been and always will be sought after when prom season rolls around. Poofy princess dresses are often featured in prom fantasies – think Cinderella at the ball. A lot of these gowns with full skirts are strapless, but they also look fabulous with halter straps. Designers can make princess dresses even more glamorous with exquisite beading and detailing.

Choose store fixtures with as much class as your products.

This year you’ll find even more young ladies are searching for dresses with high necklines and classic silhouettes. These more modest dresses were seen on red carpets earlier this year, particularly on actresses Christine Baranski, Amy Adams and Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globes. Oftentimes these styles are balanced with tasteful cutouts or a slit skirt.It’s rare to see more shorter styles than long gowns on the dance floor come prom night, but they certainly look flattering and sophisticated on some ladies. Short dresses are often heavily beaded, and include lace details and a flared skirt. Use Black Boutique Single Rolling Racks to separate gowns by length, style or price so browsing is easy for your customers.

Vintage looks, circa 1920s, are especially popular. Feminine, delicate and lacy gowns are in high demand as students look to celebrity fashion. For example, singer Faith Hill wore an off-white gown with long sleeves that featured swirled embroidery. The slight gathering at her waist and a long necklace spoke to the ’20s theme, while a plunging neckline gave it a modern twist.

Don’t forget to provide ladies with options for accessories. You can tie the entire prom display together with Black Boutique Shoe Displays, Clutch Displays and Necklace Stands.

“Young men have bit of leeway in their selection.”

For the gents…
Tux styles don’t fade in and out of trendiness with as much gusto as prom dresses do, so young men have quite a bit of leeway in their selection.

An appropriate tux has some combination of slacks, a button-down shirt, a jacket and a tie. Often, people add a vest or a cummerbund for extra flare. When it comes to choosing each of these details, the gentleman’s comfort is the ultimate deciding factor. The majority of students opt for traditional black tuxedos with a white shirt and accessories that coordinate with their lady’s outfit – such as a vest, bow tie and pocket square. Cummerbunds are quite traditional, but tend to feel awkward and outdated to this generation. Arrange your tie and pocket square collection on a Black Boutique Table Set to match the female prom displays.

There are a few guys at every prom with more unique tuxedos, such as white or pastel colors. These looks are great for attracting attention and elevating your prom style to the next level. However, it’s important to many people that their outfit doesn’t clash with their date’s attire. As a result, it’s often best for young men to shop for tuxes after their partner has a dress. If they want to reserve a suit in advance, encourage them to opt for an all black-and-white tux to ensure it’ll look fabulous with any gown.