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Prepare your shop for seasonal sales

Prepare your shop for seasonal sales

As the holiday season approaches, customers are beginning to look for the perfect gift at the right price. When organizing your store, think about product placement, advertising and pricing to maximize customer satisfaction and increase possible sales.

Spread the word
Make sure that regular patrons and passersby know what you’re selling before they even step foot through the door. A tastefully decorated message board in front of your shop will give customers a preview of your offerings and promotional posters and signs will highlight savings and deals. Even better: message boards can be stored and redecorated as seasons change, and generic promotional signs are multipurpose for any sale event.

Front and Center
When patrons enter your store in search of deals, chances are they won’t want to hunt around. Offer your customers maximum convenience by placing advertised sales and other discounted items near your shop’s entrance. A catchy table set can help you advertise merchandise without impeding the view of other items in your store, and the pieces are simple to return to another location after the holiday sales have ended. For easy access to clearance or wholesale items, consider a larger surface like a dump table, or aim for depth to contain smaller items with baskets and bins.

Mark it clearly
Especially during busy holiday sales, shoppers should appreciate a store that makes important information easy to find. Choose a pricing option like color-coded tags, which saves the time and energy of having to search for a sales associate. Items that are offered in various proportions should be appropriately sorted and labeled with size markers on hangers or racks. Using a tagging gun to label items is an efficient and effective way to alter prices whenever you’d like, especially during sales and promotions.