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Prepare customers for a different kind of Daylight Savings

Prepare customers for a different kind of Daylight Savings

Come Sunday, March 9, clocks across the U.S. will spring forward. While people might feel like they’re losing an hour, retail owners can remind shoppers that daylight isn’t the only thing that people can save this time of year. Seasonal sales offer a fresh start to warmer weather – here are a few tips to get shops ready for the rush:

Brighten up
While winter may have been the perfect time of year for dark shades and luxurious fabrics, as the temperatures start to rise, it’s time to shed those heavy hues and materials for something a bit more spring-appropriate. Dress up models and mannequins in colors that are lighter and airier than in months past. This year, the shade Radiant Orchid – a vibrant combination of lavender and fuchsia – is anticipated to be popping up everywhere. Grab a few accents from the C3 Custom Color Collection to get in on the trend.

Lighten up
The days are growing longer and lighter, and store owners should take this cue to bring a little bit of extra sunshine into the store. If front windows don’t allow quite as much natural illumination as one might like, opt for new store fixtures that boost brightness. Custom strands, such as rose lights, give a soft and gentle glow while drawing from nature – a nice reminder of the flowers blooming all around, too. For shop owners who are seeking something a bit more traditional, try implementing wall-hanging fixtures or standing options for something unique and eye-catching, but still functional.

Tidy up
It’s called “Spring Cleaning” for a reason. Now that the weather is becoming warm enough to crack open a few windows, retailers can let in a bit of fresh air while they freshen up. From top to bottom, carpeting to upholstery, tidying the space and removing any grime left over from winter will be appreciated by staff and shoppers alike. Be sure to grab the proper supplies, such as an industrial vacuum and steam cleaner, before starting on your spring freshening efforts.