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Portraying your product in the right light

Portraying your product in the right light

Everyone knows that when you're in the spotlight, all eyes are on you. The same is true for your merchandise. Using different types of lighting to highlight certain products and grab your shopper's attention is one of the most important aspects of visual merchandising.

One aspect of lighting to consider is the difference in beam strengths. If you want to show off the sparkle of a diamond in your front window, consider directing a tight spotlight beam right through it. Other times, you might want a wider beam to put a spotlight on a larger product or group of products.

Lighting inside the store is just as important. Use one type of light for the brightest spots where you want to spotlight certain products, another for framing the walls and floor units like display tables, and yet another type for spillover lighting in other areas.

Tell your staff to always be on the lookout for light bulbs that are out, since just one bulb can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the store.