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Plus-size fashion trends to watch this fall

Plus-size fashion trends to watch this fall

Running a successful retail space means catering to a diverse group of shoppers. Some of these customers may be searching for a retail space that carries clothes designed to fit their bodies, and as a result, they are often looking for displays that cater to more than rail-thin figures.

By purchasing mannequins for sale and dressing them up in some hot new trends, you can make sure you are appealing to many different customers. One way to further this effort is to invest in plus-size mannequins and do your best to carry some of the best plus-size trends for fall. Here are four of the most significant styles you should consider stocking:

If there is one new trend you can expect to see in all stores this fall, it is colorblocking. The basics of this style include geometric shapes filled with complementing colors, often laid out in a way that accentuates the body’s best qualities while disguising some others. These unique items can certainly make an impact both on an individual and in a display, so you should be sure to showcase some of these products.

Bold prints
Another colorful trend you should be paying attention to is bold prints. Lacy patterns are a nice option for those who prefer a more subdued way to wear designs, but for those who aren’t afraid to stand out, it’s all about unique graphic prints. This is more than just the traditional stripes or polka dots – instead, expect to see hyper-realistic images. Loose, flowy tops that use these prints are excellent for hiding problem areas of the body, so be sure to stock some of these products and display them proudly on plus-size mannequins.

Ankle boots
Boots are always a go-to style for fall, but ankle boots and booties are coming on strong for 2013. With chunky heels and memorable buckles, straps or designs, these booties balance out a heavier midsection while creating a sleeker, more proportionate look for plus-size customers. Make sure you keep some pairs of these booties near table displays or mannequins that feature plus-size clothing.

Chunky jewelry
Wearing statement jewelry is nothing new, but you can expect to see many individuals rocking certain styles this fall. Much like ankle boots, these larger items balance out a plus-size figure and can draw attention to chosen areas. Be sure to have enough retail jewelry supplies to satisfy your shoppers, and coordinate jewelry displays with the other merchandise you are highlighting for a more cohesive look.