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Planning an eco-friendly retail overhaul

Planning an eco-friendly retail overhaul

If you’re planning to completely do over the look of your store in 2014, you might be wondering what you can do with all of the materials you don’t need any more. Although it could be tempting to just toss it all in a dumpster, there are far more eco-friendly options that can help the environment while helping you clear out the old store fixtures. Here are a few tips for a green transition:

Pass it on or pocket a profit
An obvious option when you’ve got a lot of items to get rid of is to donate things or hold a yard sale. If you’re wondering who is interested in snapping up used retail supplies, you might be surprised to learn that a number of sources actually seek out these items. For instance, some museums utilize old mannequins for historical displays, and large bins and racks can be useful for nonprofit organizations that collect goods for others. Before tossing any containers, call local charities and see if they could make use of the item. Additional supplies can be sold from your space before you redecorate, or you can utilize an auctioning company to organize the sale.

Reduce and recycle
Even after donating and selling old store fixtures, you may have items left over. Instead of sending these to the dump, look for ways that they can be recycled. For example, it may be possible to dispose of display fixtures that are made of wood in an eco-friendly way, and the same is true of features that are made of metal, plastic and glass. Call a local hardware store or lumber yard to see if they have suggestions, or go directly to the city recycling center and inquire about recycling the items. Before you know it, you’ll have an empty space again that’s ready to be completely renovated.