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Plan your holiday visual displays in advance

Plan your holiday visual displays in advance

These days, it’s not enough to have your store decorated and ready in time for the next holiday. You have to be prepared several weeks in advance. When creating visual displays especially, timing and preparation are important because the development process is more involved. Not only do you need to prepare seasonal inventory, but the entire layout of your store might need rearranging. You can decorate your existing store racks and fixtures, but you’ll also need a few new items to keep your store feeling fresh.

Do you have a visual display strategy? And if so, how early do you need to lay it out? It’s never too soon to start answering these questions.

Paper decorations add levels to your visual strategy
Visual displays are vital because they represent your brand to passersby and entice potential customers to come inside. The Queensland, Australia, government supplies local business owners with strategies for improving their visual merchandising, and these tips work just as well in America as they do in the Australian market. The government’s guide explains that a complete visual campaign should permeate your entire store. The front window display is an invitation that the rest of your store’s layout must fulfill. Your window should tell a story or evoke an emotion. The little details throughout your establishment will visually evoke this same feeling.

Firefly’s hanging paper decorations are a great addition to any holiday theme. They’re fun for children to look at, and adults will appreciate the attention to detail. You can use ornament-shaped decorations for your Christmas window display and scatter snowflakes throughout the store. Bob Phibbs, an expert on retail merchandising, said in his blog that visual displays should contain layers of stimuli. Products positioned at eye level are best, and the customer’s field of vision should be filled with thematic decorations. After the holiday season is over, you can use colorful flowers to add to the springtime’s fresh feeling.  For more general sales, large paper spheres will make your store feel extra festive.

 Paper spheres are great for sales any time of the year.

Plan ahead for holiday success
Holidays are easy to plan for, because you always know when they’re coming. But how early should you prepare for them? Phibbs suggests giving yourself one month in advance. This way, you’ll have ample time to design your unique take on the season, purchase the required supplies and create a marketing campaign that complements your design. Window displays will attract customers from foot traffic, but they can also be a part of your online advertising.

The very best in visual displays can be seen every winter in New York City. Last season, Forbes created a walking tour of the various Fifth Avenue displays. These examples each create a sense of awe, inspiration, and excitement for the holiday season every year. You might not have the budget these luxury stores have, but you can absolutely inspire your customers in the same way. With a good plan and a keen sense of visual merchandising strategies, your holiday displays will enhance customer experience and put them in the mood for shopping.