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Plan out spring cleaning your shop

Plan out spring cleaning your shop

More shoppers will be taking to the streets and sidewalks this spring, and it’s important to make sure your shop is in tip top shape to welcome these guests. All of your store displays and store fixtures should be clean and look their best, ready to impress every customer that walks into your building.

If you haven’t done the spring cleaning in your business yet, now is the time before the intense summer heat arrives.

Preparing your inventory and displays
It doesn’t matter if your inventory has been packed away in the back of your store or out on the floor for everyone to see, it needs to be maintained to look brand new if people are going to be interested in it. Whether it’s removing creases, stains or dust, your products need to look presentable at all times, so it’s key to combing over your selection to upkeep it. Things get dirty naturally over time, especially if all kinds of shoppers are going through them everyday. Keep a supply of cleaning tools stocked and ready to go for whatever problems you encounter, such as spot remover and a lint roller, to help ensure your clothes are always ready to move from your store racks and onto a buyer.

It’s essential to keep all of your display tables and mannequins wiped down so a layer of grime doesn’t slowly form over time. These exhibits are supposed to represent the pinnacle of what your store has to offer and should always be given the care they need to showcase your best trends and styles.

It all falls down
While everyone’s eyes aren’t always on the floor, that doesn’t stop gravity from bringing everything down when given the chance. This can be the dust clinging to ceiling fans or the dirt stuck on patron’s shoes. Since the weather is making a turn for the better, more people will be spending time outside and dragging some of it inside wherever they go. You’ll have to stay on top of cleaning your floor periodically, so it’s vital you have the proper equipment to do an efficient and thorough job.

When all your carpets need is a quick fix, an Oreck sweeper is a good option to clean them hastily. After the busier day there may be some things a sweeper can’t pick up. The Oreck commercial vacuum can be used on all surfaces and makes it easy to get close to borders around the store. Every now and then, your store will need a much deeper cleansing than a vacuum can provide. To penetrate even further into the carpets, nothing beats a steam cleaner. With the spring allergies, steam is one of the best ways to remove all the allergens that are engrained in the fibers of your rugs.