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Pinning your best retail marketing ever

Pinning your best retail marketing ever

Sure, the visuals you have in your store's window and on display tables are important for marketing your product and conveying your brand's message, but in this digital age, what you do to promote your store online goes a long way for retail marketing, too. If you already have a Facebook page and Twitter account to share special promotions, sales and new products with your customers, it's time to turn to Pinterest, one of the latest phenomenons in social media.

Pinterest, a website where users can "pin" an assortment of images to a virtual "pinboard," has a number of benefits to retailers. First and foremost, it pays to be at the forefront of the trends your customers are enjoying. Your store's presence on Pinterest may not seem like much, but when you are pinning photos of potential new products or items in your store, you are sure to garner some attention from shoppers.

Pinterest is also great for retailers to share ideas with other similar shops. A number of professional visual merchandisers have accounts, and are constantly sharing different ways to create compelling store displays or other trends and merchandising ideas.