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Pick an item to emphasize in back-to-school displays

Pick an item to emphasize in back-to-school displays

What's your number one item for fall? Whether it's your line of premium denim, fresh new line of backpacks or a special ballpoint pen, your store displays will go a long way in marketing the merchandise to draw shoppers in. No matter your store's style, draw shoppers in with these back-to-school visual tips.

Clothing stores

If you sell clothing – particularly children's clothing – you already know back-to-school shoppers are a huge market for you. Because all of your merchandise is suited for the classroom, it's best to pick one item that you want to make a big to-do about, and use this as the focal point to make your store displays stand out above the rest.

Denim is a back to school classic, and because you may carry a number of denim items, it's a perfect way to offer passersby a sample of what you have to offer. If not denim, choose something else you have a lot of to advertise in your window – knits or plaids might also be a seasonally appropriate option.

Jewelry stores

It's true, most families do not buy back-to-school jewelry, but school season is a big time for teacher recognition. As some teachers start their first year in a new classroom and others return for their 30th anniversary, many shoppers will be looking for teacher gifts for the special educator in their lives.

Create a window display with an apple theme, representing the classic teacher's gift. Drape necklaces and bracelets on and around faux apple props, or set up anything you have with apples on it on your standing busty forms and bracelet ramps. Apple charms or pendants will fit this theme, as well as "#1 Teacher" types of jewelry and accessories.

Home goods stores

If you typically sell furniture, candles, sheets and other items to improve the appearance of the home, back-to-school season may seem irrelevant to your shoppers. On the contrary, home decor stores have a unique opportunity in late summer and early fall to capitalize on families with youngsters heading off to college. Create a dorm scene in your front window with all the best decorations to make a student's dorm both comfortable and stylish.

You can also appeal to shoppers who like to decorate for the back-to-school season. Again, apples have a reputation as a classic school snack, and anything you have with pencils, crayons or other traditional school symbols would work to create a theme, too.