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Pick a color, any color – and make a theme!

Pick a color, any color – and make a theme!

While it is important for a store to have a certain color scheme and style for its overall retail marketing, making a display for a "color of the month" might be a fun way to switch things up and engage shoppers.

Color-themed months might be particularly effective in jewelry stores. Each month has a certain gemstone associated with it that you could use as a centerpiece for your color scheme. For instance, September's birthstone is sapphire. Take this opportunity to create a blue color scheme for your window displays. You can continue the theme with your wholesale shopping bags and tissue – temporarily switching these to match the color scheme.

Creating your store's theme around a color is also a great way to increase sales, because you can offer certain discounts or create charitable campaigns. For example, the birthstone for the month of October is rose zircon or pink tourmaline, a stone that makes it easy to market any breast cancer awareness pieces.

Giving your store displays a pink theme for October will promote the Breast Cancer Awareness Month message and gives stores opportunities to donate some of their proceeds to breast cancer research organizations. This is a great way to build loyalty with customers who care about this cause.