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Pamper your customers to get the traffic you want

Pamper your customers to get the traffic you want

Your customer should always be treated like royalty, and that can go beyond regular customer service. You need to be welcoming and helpful to guests, but going the extra mile to really pamper your consumer can be a great way to not only cultivate brand loyalty, but get your store more recognition.

Practicing demos
Every customer should be treated with extra attention. If you run a body care shop for example, set up product demonstrations around your store on display tables. Then, station employees throughout the store and have them greet customers with some demos. This is not only a great way to show off your products, but your customer will appreciate being pampered.

If lotion is one of the products you sell, train your employees to give great hand massages. Relieving any tension the customer may have is a great way to put them in a happy mood. Plus, they might love the products so much they'll pick some up to take home.

Compliment your shoppers
If you run a clothing business, you know that items can always look different on the wire hangers than they do on patrons. This is why you'll want to train your staff to really compliment shoppers. By staying by their side and being helpful while trying on clothing, retailers may get more sales.

It's a good idea to just compliment the customer in general. By employees being friendly, the customer may feel like he or she matters, which can make for great word of mouth. As everyone likes hearing a nice thing about them, having a reputation for your friendly staff can be a great way to draw in foot traffic.