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Packaging for gifts with some spring style

Packaging for gifts with some spring style

There are many ways you can help your customers prepare for the slew of gifts that often come with summertime. The gift-shopping process often bounces people from store to store to get everything they need, but by putting you gift-packaging materials on the display tables near your inventory, you can remind them that your shop is the only place they need to be.

The presents given in summer aren’t typically holiday-oriented, but that doesn’t mean the wrapping can’t have a theme. With so much life blooming all around, you can harness the warm-weather excitement and focus it around the gifts of the season. Make sure you have all the necessary materials out in the open so shoppers can make decisions that best complement the products they’re getting.

The perfect package for any present
No matter what size or shape the gifts are, your store can provide the perfect packaging solution and with style to boot. For the presents in boxes and other rudimentary shapes, there’s a wide array of floral-themed gift wrap that can dress it up for any summer occasion. The bright colors and patterns fit in with the nature growing all around, making this classic option as effective as ever.

For the more oddly shaped items, wholesale shopping bags can do the job. Gift bags are great for those shoppers who don’t have enough time to wrap all their presents, but still want to show the recipient they care. Their reusable nature fits in with the current environmentally concerned climate and some bags are adorned with intricate floral designs or even birds perched in trees. Many of the summer events that warrant gift-giving will take advantage of the weather outside, so these images can work in tandem with the sights and sounds of the day.

Adding a little extra flare to all gifts
Despite the bags and wrapping, sometimes a present warrants a little extra attention and detail. There are a few ways shoppers can build on their packaging with accents and finishing touches that add to the quality and thought put into a gift.

There’s a wide selection of tissue paper in all kinds of bright, summer colors that people can use to line their gift bags. With so many shades to choose from, shoppers can orient their presents into whatever themes they’d like. If they choose a bag with flowers on it, for example, the tissue paper can help accentuate that with shining tones. Those who choose a bag with an animal on it, such as the birds, can use the many different hues of green to resemble the trees they’re sitting in. The possibilities are as diverse as the colors available and the shopper’s imagination.

To top off any present, a gift bow is the ideal finishing touch. They are just as colorful as tissue paper, but with a shine to catch the recipient’s eye. Bows don’t have to be just for normal boxes either, their versatility makes them a match for gifts of any form, whether it’s freely wrapped or inside a bag. These small additions can make all the difference when a gift is sitting amongst a table full of bags and boxes, helping it stand out against the rest.

You don’t have to only showcase your packaging materials around the big well-known holidays. Presents are given all year long, and if you cater to those who need a one-stop shop for their gifts, they’ll remember the ease of shopping at your store and may come back throughout the entire year.