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Out with the old with spring clearance

Out with the old with spring clearance

Spring may have only begun last month, but summer is right around the corner. Many stores are looking to break out all of their latest merchandise, as customers have hot weather on the brain. One way to make room for all of the new items in the store is to get rid of the spring merchandise fast.

Store marketing
Clearance sales on all your spring items are a great way to draw attention to the changing seasons. Be sure to come up with some clever advertising signs to catch the eyes of passersby. By using bright colors and bold letters, you can attract people who had only planned to window shop may come in to drop some serious cash.

Create some window displays with some big sale signs and set up small display tables. Display some of the merchandise that's up for sale so people can get a better idea of what you're offering.

Signs can also let customers know what they can expect to pay. On each display table around the store, as well as sections on the walls, create signs that will let consumers know how much each item costs. This way, if a shopper has a certain budget, he or she will have no trouble sticking to it.

Front and center
Positioning is everything, and the spring clearance should be right at the front of the store. If customers are attracted to the merchandise as soon as they enter, they may choose to stay longer and make a purchase. This is another way in which people who are simply walking outside the store may see something they really like and decide to pop in to get more details on the sale.

You'll also want to keep employees at the front of the store next to the sale items, so they can help customers find the exact items they're looking for. Hand over shopping bags or other carriers, so customers will not have to worry about juggling all of the products.

Offering discount prices to encourage customers to buy is a great way to make way for all the summer items, as well as free up space in your stockroom.