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Out with the old: Tossing out used hangers

Out with the old: Tossing out used hangers

You have to make sure all of the clothing in your store is showcased properly to ensure the quality of the products and give the best first impression to shoppers. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to set up elaborate store displays to show off all of your inventory, but the simple methods for exhibiting them can still be effective in influencing whether a customer makes a purchase. For all the clothes adorning your store racks, you need to make sure the hangers they’re on look their best, so the apparel can as well.

Acknowledging when it’s time for a change
Like everything in your store, there will come a time when your clothing hangers need to go. After supporting countless articles throughout their lifetime, hangers sometimes become old and worn. This could be very detrimental to the newer products they’re holding, especially if it impacts a shopper’s perception of the items.

It’s good practice to acknowledge when it’s time to get rid of the older hangers and replace them with some new ones. As used hangers become faded and damaged, the likelihood of small cracks or rough edges damaging new products increases. Shoppers aren’t paying attention to the integrity of the hangers, they’re focusing on the clothes – but if you leave damaged items on the floor, they could start to notice or even inadvertently harm a product.

It’s up to you and your employees to keep an eye on the fixtures in your store to guarantee the quality of your products and the effectiveness of the methods showcasing them.

Choosing the right hanger and making it last
There are many different types of hangers out there, and each one has its own intended purpose. The various materials provide many options for you to pair the right product and hanger that will make both items last as long as possible as well as look their best.

Plastic hangers are great for lightweight clothing, but are susceptible to cracks and breaks. These would only have to be replaced if they are damaged. They’re an easy go-to option for a large portion of inventory and are available in a wide diversity of colors that can be incorporated into your store’s themes.

A more durable alternative is metal hangers, which can’t easily split in half from a drop. However, their thin composition makes them prone to bending. Once they become too distorted, it’s time to toss them out for some new ones.

Perhaps one of the more lasting choices because of the sturdy material and frame is wooden hangers. They can hold clothing with significant weight and won’t bend under the pressure. Using these hangers may help you reduce the need for continuous replacements.

To give your inventory its best chance in the eyes of shoppers, the hangers have to be working with the clothing. Pairing the correct items with the right material of a hanger can enhance customers’ shopping experience and prolong the life of your bulk retail supplies.