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Organizing your store for winter

Organizing your store for winter

Every experienced retail owner knows that changing seasons necessitate a change in the way your store operates. Every month of the year has its own vibe, and to draw in customers and keep them coming back for more, you'll need to reflect atmosphere in the way your store is laid out. Since winter is just around the corner, here are some tips for optimizing your space for the colder months.

Get the must-have items to the front
The cold weather can often take shoppers by surprise, which means you may have some customers coming in your door looking to purchase items like mittens, scarves, umbrellas or lip balm. They'll want to find these necessities as soon as they get in the door, and if they have trouble finding them, they may move on to a different location.

Use store fixtures to hang easy-to-grab items right by the front door, and place tempting small items in bins near the register. This will not only make it easy for customers who've just come in to find the products they want, but will also remind shoppers who are checking out that they could benefit from something to keep them warm when they venture back outside.

Offer a warm, comfy atmosphere
Speaking of warmth, one way to draw customers in your door and keep them in your store is by offering a warm and cozy atmosphere. You may want to provide a space for them to hang their jackets so they can shop without having to carry around their bulky winter coats. Turn up the heat during your high-traffic hours so that customers will want to stay and browse your wares while taking a respite from the cold. It may be a good idea to offer some hot chocolate or other warm-me-ups for your customers as well.

Bright lights are a must
The dark lighting of winter can be tough to deal with, which is why a bright, fun store will make customers happy and encourage them to stay and shop. Shine vibrant spotlights on your store displays to give that "winter twinkle" to your products. Bright colored, shiny ribbon and sparkling jewelry hanging from display racks will make a big difference.

You can also use bright lights in your window displays to really catch customers' eyes. Make sure that your fixtures are shining on your most popular products, so that passersby {how the client wants it} will easily spot your hot items.