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Organize your merchandise

Organize your merchandise

Creating fun and inspiring store displays is a great way to showcase your merchandise and entice customers to take a closer look at your entire space. You may be tempted to place all of your top selling items as well as your newest products in one area, such as the front of the store, but in this modern society, less is more, and it's important to figure out what belongs and what doesn't to encourage more foot traffic.

Before creating new store displays, take a step back and try to envision what you want them to represent. For example, if you have new pillows, candles and wine glasses, you'll want to separate them into like categories so you know exactly how many of each you have and can gauge where they'll fit in the store.

Once you figure out how much of each product you have, you should review what you already have in the store to decide upon the most appropriate areas for each item. You'll want to keep pillows with other furniture in your shop, and the wine glasses with wine bottles and other kitchen equipment. This helps customers navigate the aisles with ease. Make sure to showcase your newest merchandise in each section by storing them on wall plaques with hooks or on display tables set up in each section.