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Organization is key for fall sales

Organization is key for fall sales

Planning a sale this fall? There's no easier way to draw in back-to-school shoppers than to offer massive savings and discounts on the hottest items for the season. However, we've all been to those blowout sales where the merchandise – whether it's clothing, jewelry or something else – is just thrown into a bin or basket, making it nearly impossible to find what you're looking for.

To prevent your customers from leaving the store in frustration, make sure your organization is at its best before hosting a fall sale or other event at the shop. Many people underestimate the importance of being organized, but it can play a huge part in how the customer navigates your store, and can make or break your sales.

One of the most important aspects of your store's organization is the display fixtures you use. Take advantage of cubes and blocks to build height and make your display tables more shoppable. Be sure to avoid free-for-all baskets, as they can cheapen your merchandise, making it less desirable than it would be on its own stand, for instance.

That said, messes do happen, and if you're getting the foot traffic you hoped for, you will have to tidy up every now and then. Instruct your staff to check certain areas regularly to keep them neat and organized.