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One size doesn’t fit all: How to display child mannequins

One size doesn’t fit all: How to display child mannequins

Imagine how boring your retail displays would be if you used the same standard signage season after season, without ever switching up the messages or holder. Customers would likely get bored of looking at your arrangements and their eyes would just skim over whatever you were trying to convey.

This is one example of how the one-size-fits-all mentality simply doesn’t work in retail merchandising. Shoppers are drawn to displays that are engaging and dynamic, so variety is key to making your store arrangements pop. In addition to switching up your signage, you should also use a variety of mannequins to display apparel and accessories. Now that back-to-school season is here, there’s no better way to create unique eye-catching store windows than with child mannequins. Here are a few tips on how to create compelling displays with your mini-me mannequins from Firefly Store Solutions.

Emulate the back-to-school spirit
What’s one word you would use to describe the back-to-school season? Hectic? Exciting? Or maybe adventurous? Whatever comes to mind when you think of the weeks before school starts, you can channel that energy into your displays.

“Channel the excitement of the season in your displays.”

If you want to convey the frenzied nature of those first few days, create a window display that showcases a frazzled family. Pair an expressive mother mannequin with a few excited child-size forms. You can opt for child mannequins in specific ages, so they perfectly display your best back-to-school apparel. Don’t forget to throw a few half-zipped backpacks and lots of textbooks for an interesting and engaging arrangement.

Alternatively, you can inspire excitement with your displays by setting up a fun school scene. Use a backdrop to set the stage as a school hallway, and then use variety of mannequins to create a group of friends reconnecting on the first day. The prospect of seeing their best buds is usually the biggest back-to-school perk for kids, so tap in on this excitement when creating your merchandise arrangements. If you can get shoppers excited about heading back to the classroom, you’ll probably be able to encourage them to get pumped about your store’s gear.

Highlight your best merchandise
There are certain must-haves for back-to-school season – new sneakers, a new bag, notebooks and the like. Because these are necessities, consumers will likely purchase them even if the SKUs are not displayed prominently. So instead of taking up prime display space with must-haves, use your child mannequins to highlight your best trendy merchandise front and center. You may want to store the necessities further back into the store so shoppers peruse your other goodies on their way to the display.

Use child mannequins to display trendy SKUs.

Want to know what products will be especially popular this season? Check out this article about 2015 back-to-school trends.

Don’t forget proper lighting
Whatever your visual merchandising setup, don’t forget to adjust the lighting to compensate for your mini mannequins. Aim bright spotlights at the merchandise you want to highlight – this may not be the same spot that it would be on a full-size form. This adjustment is a crucial step, as your display may look a bit strange if the lighting isn’t focused correctly. Your lighting should seem natural while still bringing shoppers’ eyes to your store’s best SKUs.

Need a little extra lighting to jazz up your display? Try incorporating clear rope lighting, which affords the perfect balance of chic and flexible.